Me Before You (2016)

June 2016 Ι 1h 50min Ι Director: Thea Sharrockme-before-you-2016-1

Louisa Clark has a rather uneventful and easy life. She’s a 26 years old woman who lives with her family in the same house they have always lived in, with the same job she has had for 6 years and she has been in a “not moving forward” relationship for 7 years. After some downfalls Louisa receives a job to take care of a paralyzed man, Will Traynor. We now follow a story about two persons that changes each others lives and becomes two new extraordinary humans. 

4928Bring the tissues because this is a cry party… Believe it or not but I had actually read the book before I saw this movie (yay me) so I was somehow prepared. Was that enough? Did that make it easier not to cry? Well, no. The movie was however very well done based on the book. Good amount of all the important things! I just love Will and Louisa’s (the two main characters) relationship, it made the whole book and also this movie. Their personalities are also fun to watch and see how they develop throughout the movie.

I absolutely love Sam Claflin, Emilia Clarke and Jenna Coleman (even though she didn’t appear that much in the movie). They are all so so talented, I’m speechless. They really managed to catch each character and present them beautifully.

6360005310794272511382377244_tumblr_o201g4inld1scerx6o8_400If I must complain about something it would probably be that they left some scenes unexplained and the movie had some tiny gaps. Since I read the book I understood what was going on but if you haven’t read it there might pop up some questions. This did however not affect this fantastic movie so much.

My Rating: 8/10 Sam Claflin’s




5 thoughts on “Me Before You (2016)

  1. Good review. I’ve heard good things about this film and I really like Sam Clafin, so I definitely need to check this one out.


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