Should I Tweet?!?


I really can’t decide whether I should get Twitter or not. I mean, it would be fun to tweet about more personal stuff, or like what I’m doing (that’s film related or related to the blog). Would be fun to like write “Going to the cinema” or something, because that is something I usually can’t do a whole post for. The problem is however the time. Have I the time to update another social media?? I often also tend to forget to update and then my account’s just empty for a while.

I would say that it would be more fun to make small updates on Twitter and I am on the yes side, but still debating with myself. I really don’t know… I might have to see what the future brings. Please let me know if it’s very time consuming to have Twitter or if it’s a piece of cake!



11 thoughts on “Should I Tweet?!?

  1. Hey! I had the same dilemma before starting to use Twitter, but now it’s my go-to social medium. It really enables me to get to the point, get in contact with people that have similar interests and in that way and keeps motivation at a good level. I also get inspiration for creating new content. I’ve actually gravitated towards podcasting simply because of my interaction on Twitter.

    It can be time consuming, but so is everything else. Just choose the times during which to be active and stick to that. To me, Twitter has been more beneficial than other social media at my disposal. It’s a fun tool. πŸ™‚

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  2. Yesssss! Join the dark side, it’s really cool. To be honest, Twitter kinda took over my FB time. How can I know how my FB friend’s kids are doing now?!

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