Doctor Who Exclusive POP!’s


I don’t know what it is but there’s something magical with owning exclusive Funko POP!’s. It just feels extra special to own one and it also feels like it was a good purchase (specially for a collector). For me it is extra fun to own exclusives because I can’t find them easily in Sweden (since they all come out in the US). I also like how there’s something special about them, and the fact that they are rare.

I thought I would share some pictures and thoughts about my three exclusive Doctor Who POP! Vinyls. I absolutely love them and they are three of my favorites in my collection. They all three do however not look perfect, but I’m also very picky. I tend to have bad luck when it comes to buying POP!’s because they often tend to have flaws (some are also pretty noticeable). I do however get over it! ;D


Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor. This POP! is a really fun touch to the 4th Doctor’s personality and his time as the Doctor. It’s really fun to have him and I really think he looks amazing with really good details. Except from some bad paint job at the hat, this is a good POP! and I must say that I was lucky (this time).


David Tennant, the 10th Doctor. I remember how much I wanted this POP! because I thought it looked so cool. The glasses is just such a fun touch, even though he didn’t wear them that much. I have an okay copy, the glasses are not really stuck on one side which actually bothers me but there’s nothing I can do about it. I do also want the regular 10th Doctor so I can actually have one that is just like the character. These glasses hides him a little. Other than that, I found him to be gorgeous!


Matt Smith, the 11th Doctor. My absolute favorite!!! I also have the regular 11th Doctor which is awesome but this POP!’s details are amazing. The Cyberman head is just so well done, it’s absolutely gorgeous. The POP!’s hair is a little off and badly done, but I’m just really glad I own this amazing Funko POP!. I actually also want the 11th Doctor with fez and mop, I shall build an 11th Doctor army!!

That was my three Doctor Who Exclusive POP!’s, I hope you liked this post and that your day is and forever will be extraordinary!



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