Independence Day (1996)


In celebration of the new movie coming out I thought I would do a review for Independence Day (1996). The world is being attacked by an alien spaceship and it’s now up to the president of the United States and some other fellas to save earth. Will Smith (Steven) is the one pilot who can take down the aliens with help from Jeff Goldblum (David). Will they be able to save humanity from destruction? 

I had higher hopes… The movie just had a very tough start and it was quite tedious. I needed something good and interesting to make me focused and attached to the screen  since I was quite tired and just bored. With that being said (or rather written), I was not that impressed with the movie.

tumblr_n873dxu61s1s9t0bao1_500Another thing that was a little strange to me was how little the aliens were shown. I thought this movie would be a fight between aliens and humans, which it was, but I really just saw the humans and just a tiny bit alien. I would enjoy seeing more of the aliens and their purpose on earth. I did however like the humans we followed. Different and interesting characters that was somehow fun to follow. It was a good mix and Will Smith did a superb job, as well as Jeff Goldblum.

tumblr_mp6fg9ocjt1s0teago7_r1_400It is a unique story and the whole concept is great but there were too many  uninteresting and uneventful scenes and I never felt compelled. I thought it would be better, but it wasn’t bad either (just mmeehh).

My rating: 5/10 aliens



4 thoughts on “Independence Day (1996)

  1. The two aspects you seem to dislike is what I appreciated about this movie. I lied the slower start, building tension and getting to know the characters. I also thought the less we saw of the aliens, the more menacing they were.

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