Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

ladda ned

July 2016 Ι 1h 34min Ι Mike Thurmeier Ι Galen T. Chu

A meteor is about to destroy the world and Buck has come up with a plan to save them all. The whole gang will now help saving earth by directing the meteor away from the world. Along the way Manny and Ellie have a problem with letting go of Peaches (whose name is actually Kiwi in Swedish) and Sid wonders if he’ll ever find love. 

tumblr_o1ztzduzup1snlqlfo1_540Well I’m not sure if I was even going to watch this but since my friend gave me a free ticket I couldn’t say no. I am however a little disappointed, even if I didn’t have high hopes. There were basically way too many characters and the original gang (Sid, Manny and Diego) where way too rarely together. I just feel like Diego also came a lot in the background because of the amount of character.

tumblr_o1zygzfafl1snlqlfo4_400I would also say that the main story was way too week, tedious and unrealistic. I know it’s a children’s movie and that everything doesn’t have to be realistic, but this was just a bit ridiculous. I do however feel like I need to say something good too. The only thing that actually was good about the movie was Sid and his humor (or should I say stupidity). Sid is in my opinion the one that makes Ice Age, I don’t know what we would do without him.

I do think many children liked the movie at the cinema but then again, do you really dislike a movie as a child? I however would probably not recommend the movie, but one could always give it a shot.

My Rating: 4/10 sid-icon



2 thoughts on “Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

  1. Agree with you that this thing was too packed with secondary characters. I think the filmmakers were just trying to stuff in every single “fan favorite” and it really was too much. I didn’t hate the movie overall, though.

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