Mr. Robot Season 1


Since the second season of Mr. Robot has taken its start, I thought it was time to watch the first one. The series has great reviews and I went in with high hopes. I’m not going to lie, I really liked the series. It didn’t however hit my (nonexistent) top series list. Mr. Robot had some flaws but it was still a fun and extraordinary series to watch.

Let’s start with the negative parts. I didn’t really see a clear storyline throughout the season. I wished there would have been a story we got to follow from episode 1 to 10. There might have been one but if that is the case then it was very vague. I also feel like the first episodes really got my attention but the last one was just a little weak. I didn’t get that chocking last episode where everything became clear or a hint for the next season. I mean, it might just be me that feels that way.


Other than that I must say that it is one hell of a unique story and Rami Malek did an amazing job playing Elliot. It’s also really fun to see a Swedish person (Tyrell Wellick) that talks Swedish in this series. I am however going to tell anyone that doesn’t hear it that his wife spoke Danish which is very different (specially for a swede). It was really fun to understand everything Tyrell Wellick said  but I couldn’t understand any of what she said (so don’t say Swedish and Danish are similar, haha). I just feel like if there’s a foreign language in a series it’s never Swedish so it was fun to understand everything he said. I am however going to say that it did not sound “serious” in Swedish, at least I couldn’t take him serious.

Wow, a long review. I do however think you should check out Mr. Robot if you haven’t. Watch the first three episodes and then decide if you going to watch it all. Have a lovely day and I hope you won’t be hacked!

My Rating: 7/10



4 thoughts on “Mr. Robot Season 1

  1. I have been hacked into typing this comment. Not. Lol. Wow. Another Mr. Robot fan. Good to know we’re out there. I know right? The series is awesome in a lot of ways. From the performances (Christian Slater and Rami Malek…gosh) to the story to just even the way it’s filmed (all dark-ish with characters tucked into the corner of the frame). Did you get all of the inside references to movies like Fight Club and American Psycho? Did you catch all the hidden stuff in show given how weird and ‘nothing is as it seems’ it can be?

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