Vacation (2015)


July 2015  Ι  1h 39 min  Ι  John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein

It’s time for the next generation to mess up and have a crazy journey. Rusty wants to make their family trip a little different to please Debbie and their two children. They take a road trip down to an amusement park and encounter all kinds of problems along the way. Rusty now have to work hard to keep the family from falling apart and make a trip worth remembering. 

tumblr_nrvcjopjey1uuq98zo1_1280At first I wasn’t going to watch this movie but then I thought about Christmas Vacation and how much I actually like that movie. I decided to give this one a go and I am very glad I did. It was humorous and very eventful, which is great qualities for a movie. The fact that the old cast (Chevy Chase & Beverly D’Angelo) was in it was also fantastic. Due to changing environment and a presentation of many different people I think this movie became more interesting and enjoyable. Well, I tumblr_nrzet0jxf31uv5doao1_500must also admit that it isn’t that terrible to watch Chris Hemsworth’s beautiful body (the six-pack though).

I do however sense the familiarity of the plot with movies like We’re the Millers etc. I do also know some Swedish movies that looks very similar to this one. I also sometimes have a problem with a movie/person being way too awkward. I mean, I become embarrassed. It had some of those moments in this movie. Overall I do however feel like this is a great family movie, or if you just want to watch a comedy movie without the “heavy” comedy.

My Rating: 6,5/10



7 thoughts on “Vacation (2015)

  1. I thought this film was HILARIOUS in the cinema – possibly the most I’ve laughed out loud since We’re the Millers!

    Controversially, I though the Chevy Chase scenes were actually the least funny of the whole film – but maybe that’s because tone and taste of comedy has changed since the original Vacation’s day?

    Good review 🙂

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