Star Trek Beyond (2016)


July 2016  Ι  2h 2min  Ι  Justin Lin

I’m not a cinema virgin anymore (or whatever you might call it)!! I went to the cinema alone for the first time ever, but it was not an easy choice. I decided to watch Star Trek in 3D (even though I don’t like watching movies in 3D) just so I could watch it during the day. The other time they had was without 3D (yes please) but in the evening and I’m most definitely not that brave, and it takes some time to get home. I am however very glad I did it, might watch another one by myself, I hope this won’t make me addicted. Now onto the review…

The third movie in the “alternate reality” series is about James T. Kirk and his team on the Enterprise. Their ship broke down after a surprise attack from the evil Krall who also took most of Kirk’s crew. They are separated from each other and now have to find their way back to each other to be able to free the Enterprise crew. New people prove to be either a big help or a huge burden but trust have to be found in order to save the day. 

tumblr_o7lzjgdmww1vs9hwmo3_540I thought this movie was going to be good because of all the reviews I’ve read and I’m pleased to say that I was right, and I don’t feel like that happens very often (#ThoughLife). First of I have to mention how sad and heartbreaking it was to see Anton Yelchin but I feel honored to watch him being beautiful and extraordinary with his Russian, among plenty of other things, in this movie. Moving on, I just have to say that the graphics where out of this world, because they kind of were. They just blew my mind, so amazing to look at and it definitely made the movie amazing. The last thing I’m going to mention that made this movie really good was the story. It had some flaws but was overall very interesting and tumblr_o7iixz4qqu1qd4w1no2_500eventful. It was also very coherent which is a very positive thing because I feel like some other Star Trek movies had very incoherent storylines. I also must add that I loved Jaylah, one of my new favorite. She’s just so fierce and a huge boss!!

tumblr_o1csyjxzpr1rkk6doo8_250Now let’s mention some downsides with the movie, just to give you a fair picture of it. Something I found a little bit bad was that the story at some point had too many “side stories” where there were too many characters always away from each other. They did however not play ontumblr_o7is34nbu51qir88ko10_250 this for a long time which was good. I also struggled a little with finding the bad guy’s motive to destruction. It was made out clearer in the end, but maybe a little too late.

I must however say that this was a really good movie and I am glad this was the first movie I watched alone. I do prefer going to the cinema with someone but I have no problem with going alone again, just so I can watch yet another awesome movie!

My rating: 7,7/10  Spock’s


3 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond (2016)

  1. I agree with you about the bad guy in this movie. Elba is a good actor and the character was menacing, but his motivation isn’t relieved until the last 10 minutes. Wish they could’ve presented earlier and fleshed the backstory more.

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