Warcraft -Great Trailer, Not So Great Movie


May 2016  Ι  2h 3min  Ι  Duncan Jones

I’m not impressed, like really not impressed. I was so intrigued by the trailer but this movie was just tedious and very very very weird. I could not really understand the plot but I’m going to try to sum it up for you. So… the orcs world are being destroyed and thanks to a powerful warlock the orcs invade a human world with different kingdoms and humans that also are warlocks (?). A war occurs between the orcs and humans and the side with the greatest warlock will stand the strongest. Yeah, such a good explanation right?!? I will leave you with this gif that sums up the movie… 


I just didn’t really understand the movie and the characters motives. I just felt like they were fighting and fighting and let’s throw in some betrayal here and there and oh a little sprinkle of romance of course, and here I present you the movie Warcraft. I’m a little disappointed because I really liked the trailer so I had high hopes. I just had a hard time seeing a coherent story, and the ending was rubbish as well.

I did however think the graphics were amazing, very well done. I guess the main idea was unique too. One highlight of the movie was also Dominic Cooper, I just really like him and  I think he is a great actor. I don’t think there is much more to say about this movie. I don’t really know if I would recommend it but you could always give it a try to see if you liked it more.

My rating: 5/10 Dominic Cooper’s




2 thoughts on “Warcraft -Great Trailer, Not So Great Movie

  1. Its basically a movie for its fans. Personally, I liked the movie. I’ve played the original RTS games (not the online ones). So there’s a lot of fan service, but (to the average moviegoer) the film is overstuffed with content and assumes that they know what’s going on.

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