Has It Been A Good Movie Year So Far?

September is approaching fast and meanwhile I’m struggling to decide what to do with my life plenty of movies are just popping up here and there. I must admit that I have some problems with following everything that is happening. I know that I should have seen a lot more movies that has come out this year but I just haven’t had the time (like Now You See Me 2, Central Intelligence, Mother’s Day, Independence Day etc.) . I’m trying to write down every new movie that does pop up, because otherwise I would forget every single movie that has come out. I thank my movie book!!

For this post I thought I would do a recap of every movie I have watch at the cinema this year and see what rating I have given them. I’m working on watching Suicide Squad since I’ve been waiting on that movie for what might seem like a lifetime. Finding Dory will also be at the cinema on Friday but I won’t be able to watch it until Sunday, and I literally have been waiting a lifetime for that movie. Enough with the nagging, let’s see if it’s been a good cinema year so far…

Note: If you click on a picture the force will send you to the review of that movie, amazing right?!? 

The 5th Wave – 7/10


Deadpool – 7/10


How to Be Single – 5/10


Batman V Superman – 8/10


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – 5,5/10


The Jungle Book – 7/10


Captain America: Civil War – 9/10


X-Men: Apocalypse – 8/10


Me Before You – 8/10


Ice Age: Collision Course – 4/10


Star Trek: Beyond – 7,7/10


I think there has been a good mixture between good and not so good movies so far. I think I have seen plenty of movies at the cinema but there is still a lot more I wish I would have seen (like Ghostbusters, Now You See Me 2 etc.). If only going to the cinema wouldn’t cost so much… Imagine if you had the opportunity to watch all the movies you want at the cinema for free, that’s GOALS. I am looking forward to all the movies that is yet to come this year as well, just give me some free tickets please. I do however think 2017 will bring better movies than 2016 have. I mean we have Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Star Wars and much much more!



6 thoughts on “Has It Been A Good Movie Year So Far?

  1. It’s been a mixture of films for 2016 like a sort of “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” kind of thing. Some great hits, some big bombs, and some that are just mediocre.

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