Going to the Cinema Alone


I recently went to the cinema alone for the first time. The movie I saw was Star Trek Beyond and I’m glad I did go because otherwise I would have missed seeing an awesome movie on a huge screen (because who doesn’t love that). I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy. I’m not the person who’s having a problem with being alone and doing things alone but going to the cinema alone didn’t feel right. Today, in this post, I thought I would chat about some good and bad things I felt with going alone. Who knows, maybe I can encourage you to go alone to the cinema!

likeThe good things about going alone to the cinema: 

Number one: Not having to adapt to anyone. Just being able to choose the day, time, seat etc. without anyone complaining or being busy the day you’re not.

Number Two: You actually get to see the movie no one of your friends or family wanted to see. You don’t have to wait until it’s out on Netflix or DVD or Blu-ray (but I do love me some Blu-ray).

Number three: You don’t have to be annoyed by that friend who always talks during the movie. Going to the cinema is not either a very social thing to do, grab a coffee with your friends instead!

dislikeThe bad things about going alone to the cinema:

Number one: Not being able to talk to anyone afterwards about what you saw and all the thought you collected during the movie. The worst would be if it’s a bad movie and you just wants to complain, who are you going to complain to?! It would not be a good sign if you started talking to yourself, then you shouldn’t go alone anymore.

Number two: Just the feeling of loneliness. Specially when waiting to go in.

Number three: Seeing all the other people in groups. This was actually one of the main problems for me. I know you shouldn’t care but just being alone when everyone else are with somebody is not that fun. Although, like I said before, watching a movie is not really that social, you don’t really do much with others when you watch a movie.

I don’t really fancy going alone but sometimes I just have to in order to watch some amazing movies. In the end it’s worth going alone for the movie. Being able to blog about it just afterwards is also very nice. My last words are: Just do it and may the force be with you!



7 thoughts on “Going to the Cinema Alone

  1. Good post. I do both when I go to the movies, but I do more of going to the movies by myself. I usually try to go and see a new movie its opening night (so I can write my review for it) and some of my friends can’t go to the movies until weekend.

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  2. I love going to the cinema on my own! Back in my uni days, I used to take advantage of Cheap Tuesday at the local VUE every week! Just me, myself and popcorn. Just a break from everything!


  3. I always seem to go to the cinema alone on Monday morning, when there’s fewer people. I definitely try to avoid the evenings when there are tons of groups of people – I definitely feel like a fish out of water!
    But I do love going on my own – seeing the film whenever I want, choosing where I want to sit and treating myself to McDonalds afterwards!
    Great points, I agree with all of them! 😊

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  4. The problem with my cinema is that it’s super small, only go 1-2 times a day and the chance of seeing someone is very big (the problem with living in a small country in a small city)… :/

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  5. Great post! I know how you feel, when I just starting going alone I felt pretty awkward but it’s very easy to get used to it. Once you get into the movie, you won’t even think about the others anymore! Sometimes I see people look at me when I sit down alone, especially during comedies like Bad Moms or Bad Grandpa or something, but hey, if you just really want to see a movie, you just go right? Hope you’ll find your spot! 🙂

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