How to Talk to Your Crush {Movie Edition}


It doesn’t have to be your crush, it could be a new friend or just new coworkers. Talking to new people can be very difficult, you might not really know what to say or what to do when it becomes awkward. In Sweden people are very shy and in their own bubble which means that it might be more difficult to go up and speak to a person. No fear people, I’m giving you some hot topics when you want to build a new beautiful relationship with someone. As icing on the cake, will this be a movie/TV-show edition which means that it’s most helpful for all you movie and TV lovers out there.

(note: I’m certainly not an expert, just giving tips of things that has worked very well for me)

Let’s make a scenario first. So imagine that your crush sits next to you at lunch and you have already talked about all the formal stuff like “How are you?”, “What are you doing this fall?” bla bla bla… After having nothing left to say you just sit there quietly and dream about how wonderful if he/she would be yours. Let me give you some great topics that will show you how interesting this person actually is (because if they don’t like movies then they aren’t really worth it) and this will hopefully move the relationship forward.  


Number 1: Talk about the latest TV-show you watched, or just any TV-show. The best thing is to talk about a famous one that the personal probably (or hopefully) have seen. “Who’s your favorite character in Game of Thrones?”, “Wasn’t the last episode of Suits just nerve-wracking?”, “Have you seen the new series Stranger Things, it’s about…” etc.

Number 2: Ask if they have watched any good movies at the cinema lately or if they are going to watch a movie when it’s coming out. For example: “Hey, have you watched Suicide Squad yet? I’ve heard it’s suppose to be great!”. Who knows, maybe he or she asks if you want to watch it together. If you get a date I’m just going to say “the force is strong in this one”!                       

Number 3: Talk about your favorite movie and tell the person why you think it’s so good. Maybe that person likes the same movie and then you could take it from there. If the person doesn’t like the same movie you could talk about the differences and why your movie is better than his/hers (because it probably is, right?!).

I hope my tips helped, it’s always fun to find another person that shares the same interests as you. I always have fun talking about movies and TV-shows, those are often the most interesting and energetic conversations I have. It really helps you connect with people, like these two…




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