5 Annoying People at the Cinema


I might seem like a party-pooper or a really negative person but you can’t deny that there sometimes are some really annoying people at the cinema. I just want to watch a good movie in peace, no sound just me and the movie. I do also have a hard time concentrating when people are talking or moving a lot. So today I am presenting the 5 annoying people at the cinema. There might be more but I believe these are the most common ones. Just have to say that it’s very rare that I become annoyed by people at the cinema, most people are really pleasant to watch a movie with, but then there’s the 10% that are not. 


Yes we also saw that the dragon came from nowhere and yes we were all shocked. We all watch the same thing, there’s really no point in mention it out loud. The worst is when two people start to discuss something that just happened in the movie, it makes it so freaking hard to concentrate. Thank you, I just missed the only line Wonder Woman had in the movie, thank you so much. If we could all just respect each other and be quiet, wouldn’t that be amazing?! You could always talk about the movie afterwards but not during the movie, that is just not okay!



Since it’s a dark room people will notice that you are on your phone. It’s like a little light is shining in a little spot, and yes it’s annoying. Try and enjoy this beautiful piece someone has created, and if the movie is bad or boring you can still think how it could be better or just focus on the good stuff.



The worst with this one is if it isn’t a children’s movie because then the chance of the child being bored is pretty huge. When you’re watching a children’s movie you are also prepared that there will be annoying children which makes it less annoying I guess. Although, when you are watching for example Star Wars and there are small children crying or screaming that they want to go to the bathroom I just want to cry. The funny thing is also that the parents don’t go out with the kids, they are like “the crying will probably end soon”. This is what I find the worst with watching animated movies.



We understand you don’t want to be there but please stop laughing because you found something ridiculous. When I saw Batman V Superman there were a person sitting next to my friend and you could see that she really didn’t want to be there. She kept laughing at everything because she found it all very ridiculous and that was very annoying. If you don’t want to be there then you can try to sleep or do something else that is not annoying, thank you.



Please, don’t order two large drinks if you can’t handle it. I understand if you have to go to the bathroom once or twice during a movie but not every 10 minutes. The worst is the people who sits far from an exit and have to pass everyone before they can come out and they don’t really care if they are in the way or if people don’t see. I try to hold it until the movie is over because I don’t want to disturb anyone or miss a part of the movie, haha trying to be a good cinema person here.


If you have any other type of annoying person at the cinema that you think I missed then you can comment it below. I would love to hear about it! 


Icons used in the first picture: 1 &


22 thoughts on “5 Annoying People at the Cinema

  1. Last year I went to see the film Fury and sat behind McBusted. At least three of them from the band fell into category 2. Even more annoying they got people to bring them food to their seats!

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  2. Man while watching Suicide Squad, there was a group behind me that kept fucking telling each other out loud what other films actors that pop up were in. We get it, you watch movies.

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  3. Hahaha!😀😀 Totally spot on! Annoying people are the absolute worst things about a cinema hall. 😧😭😬
    You should check out a similar piece I wrote on my blog. It’s called Concerning Moviegoers…

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  4. Haha but it’s okay if that’s your type of humor but people who laughs because they think it’s “nerdy” or boring are just annoying, haha. 😀

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  5. This is the reason I prefer to go to the cinema on my own, in the morning. Quiet and calm and the annoying people are not around.

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  6. You don’t sound negative or a party pooper, I agree ENTIRELY!!! I hate it when people ruin movies in the cinema, it really grinds my gears. Okay…have a chat / check your phones during the trailers IF YOU MUST but as soon as that movie starts…shut the F up!

    People talking / laughing (during things that seriously aren’t funny) / checking their phones annoy me the most. Even people walking in late annoy me! Lol. I guess I’m a grumpy person.

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  7. But the ‘hilarious’ thing is….I never even say anything! I NEVER complain to anyone. I just sit there huffing to myself, occasionally turning my head round and shaking it ha ha.

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