Finding Dory (2016)


Finding Dory, or as I call it Hitta Doris, is the sequel to Finding Nemo and wow haven’t we been waiting a long time for this movie. I also had to wait extra long since it didn’t come out in Sweden until August 26th. The movie is about Dory trying to remember where she’s from and who her parents are. As the movie continues she starts to remember more and more about where she’s from. Dory, Marlin and Nemo are now going to cross the sea to find Dory’s parents and they encounters all sorts of trouble along the way. 

tumblr_oamdfa6cgh1sd3170o3_r4_250This movie really lived up to my expectations. The story was very interesting, not uneventful and very coherent. The perks with Disney movies not being that long are that they often don’t have dragged out scenes. I did also really like that a big part of the story took place in a “fish hospital”, the environment was fun and different from the ocean. The fact that they introduced us to new exciting and fun characters as well as they kept the old ones was also fantastic.

tumblr_oamdfa6cgh1sd3170o5_r3_250I did however find Dory’s memory problem a little too extreme in the beginning, it was a little “over the top” that she would forget things the next second because I didn’t really feel like it was that extreme in Finding Nemo. Otherwise I would say that Finding Dory had everything from funny jokes to sad scenes and lots of love. I would recommend this movie to everyone, but I’m guessing you already have seen it. 😀

My rating: 9/10 nemo-icon



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