The Secret Life of Pets (2016)


June 2016   Ι   1h 27min   Ι   Yarrow Cheney & Chris Renaud

Max is missing and Gidget has made it her duty to find him. With some help from their friends, Gidget and her team search around New York to find Max. Max and his new “brother” Duke have to work together in order to come home, and they all get to experience new things they probably never thought they would. 

tumblr_oa0s96ouxt1qdiaboo7_r1_250If I were a child I think I would love this movie, but I actually didn’t dislike any movie as a child if I’m going to be honest. Well, I’m not a child but I still liked the movie. I think the whole idea was fun and the characters were pleasant and likable. My favorite characters were definitely Kevin Hart as the crazy rabbit (mainly because Kevin Hart is just so funny and I really like him) and Jenny Slate as the dog Gidget.

tumblr_o9h6ptvcm01upvvyro1_500The movie itself didn’t really have any impact on me. It is a fun movie to watch when there is nothing else to do and it’s not really a movie I would watch again. I feel like it was more suited for younger kids and people who enjoy an animated movie about animals. It is a very unrealistic movie but I don’t think we should expect more from an animated movie. I really don’t mind if it’s unrealistic as well. I am however going to say that it was a very predictable ending and that makes the movie a little little little bit boring (but just a little).

Overall I would say that it is a fun movie and Kevin Hart really makes it worth watching. The whole story is fun and I think a lot of people would enjoy this movie, so go and watch it amigos!

My rating: 6,5/10 Kevin Hart’s



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