Can someone please give me prohibition to buy things online… Okey, I couldn’t resist so I made a subscription to pop in a box and if I understod it correctly  I would get a mystery POP! Vinyl each month for 8.49 pounds (+ shipping). Since I love pop vinyls I thought it would be fun to try it out and see how good it is. You also got 20% on the first order so that is always something. You would click on all the figures that you already owned so there won’t be any duplicates. You could also like and dislike pops so they know what you like and really don’t like and therefore won’t receive. I will keep you guys updated and see if it’s worth the money or not, I am actually really excited. If you want the 20% you can click on this picture below! I will keep my fingers crossed!


monthly funko pop vinyls


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