Now You See Me 2 (2016)


June 2016   Ι   2h 9min   Ι   Jon M. Chu

The Four Horsemen is back, and with a new female in the group. New magic tricks will be shown, old as well as new enemies will appear and the four magicians will have to use their skills in order to escape from all the trouble. It’s a magic show you don’t want to miss! 


First of all I just have to say that I really liked the new girl. I was a little sad when I heard that Isla Fisher wasn’t going to be in the sequel and that they were replacing her with a new girl but Lizzy Caplan did a really good job. I also liked how Dave Franco stepped forward and had a bigger role than in the first movie. The movie itself was good and I enjoyed it, but it isn’t a surprise that it didn’t reach the first movie’s standard. Sequels tend to be a let down, especially when the first movie has been a hit, but I wouldn’t say that this is a bad sequel. It wasn’t tedious, nor was it uneventful. Could it have been better? Well, of course!


The problem I had with this movie was the villain. I’m not saying Daniel Radcliffe did a bad job, no I liked him and thought he did a great job, he is after all very familiar with magic. I just thought his motive was a little weak and the whole ending made me a little confused. I’m not so sure about Dylan’s (Mark Ruffalo) role in this movie either. Other than that I really liked how they explained the magic tricks like they did in the first movie, makes it much more interesting and fun to watch.

My rating: 7/10 Dave Franco’s



6 thoughts on “Now You See Me 2 (2016)

  1. Good review. To me, this was a type of movie sequel that didn’t need to be made. Yes, the cast was fun and some of the tricks were cool, but the whole “magical illusion” from the first one was gone, making the movie predictable. Plus, I think I’ll never see Radcliffe other than Harry Potter.

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