The Flash: Season 3 Episode 1


I don’t usually do reviews about single episodes but I just felt like I had to do one for The Flash’s first episode of season 3. This series became one of my favorite after season two (mainly because I don’t consider a series my favorite based on just one season) and the last episode of season 2 made me really excited for season 3.

tumblr_oek20dp1xw1t735z7o1_250I was a little worried that the whole series would change, perhaps for the worse, but I didn’t really know. It was weird to watch a whole new reality for Barry Allen and I’m not so sure I liked it. The episode itself was actually very interesting and a good start to the new season. Some, or perhaps many, question marks still remains but I believe that is something good because that makes me want to see the upcoming episodes. I do however hope there isn’t too many changes because I really liked how season two was. Oh and I just have to say that Grant Gustin has run in to my heart, I just think he is so talented and cute.

tumblr_oej4gyqhyn1vdku42o1_500I am extremely excited for the collaboration The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow will have and I do watch all the four series so I am also looking forward to all the new seasons. The collaborations The Flash and Arrow have had in the past have been so good and interesting so I’m guessing we are up for some real treats. I also have to say that it’s so crazy that Arrow starts with its 5th season!! This will be an exciting autumn!



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