My Latest Obsession!


I have reconnected with my childhood because I have become obsessed with Pokémon (and no that does not mean Pokémon Go, haha). I just started watching Pokémon’s season one but decided to stop after 14 episodes. I then moved on to season 17 which was out on Netflix. I just wanted to catch up a little and see the new Pokémon’s, and they are pretty cool. Although, every time I watch it I start to think about the original gang (Ash, Misty and Brock) because they were a part of my childhood (as well as May and Max). I however can’t believe there is already 19 seasons out, totally amazing!!

I must say that season 17 has been very exciting and fun to watch. I was even in a period where I really wanted to buy a Nintendo 3DS and wait for the new Pokémon game Pokémon Sun. I have Pokémon Leaf Green and Pokémon Emerald and I remember it being just super fun to play.

Anyhow… McDonald’s have had some Pokémon’s in their Happy Meal’s for a few weeks now (at least in Sweden) and I managed to get at least four of them. Yeah, I don’t know if you could call me an adult… I thought I would show them because they are pretty cool and they are actually of good quality. My favorite is probably Vulpix (always loved that Pokémon)!




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