Central Intelligence (2016)

June 2016   Ι   1h 47min   Ι   Rawson Marshall Thurber

After being contacted by an old high school classmate, Calvin becomes a part of a CIA investigation. Calvin struggles to decide which side that is telling the truth and finds himself to be a part of something wicked. 

tumblr_ny4x0pmbir1qanbvso4_400I actually laughed out loud, and that says a lot about a movie! Central Intelligence is such a funny movie but that might not come as a surprise since Kevin Hart is one of the main characters, and Kevin Hart is always funny. Now don’t think this is an extreme comedy movie which will make you laugh all the time. No, this is mainly an action movie with some throw-in comedy.

I thought the story itself was a little messy and it was hard to keep up with the story. Although, there were always something happening which made the movie tumblr_ny4x0pmbir1qanbvso1_400both interesting and eventful. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) was also two big reasons to why this movie actually was really good. I think they really lived up to their characters and made a great performance.

I was looking forward to this movie because it looked both funny and interesting (based on the trailer) and I’m glad the movie lived up to my expectations. It is undoubtedly an awesome movie and I suggest you watch it if you haven’t.

My rating: 7,8/10 Kevin Hart’s



2 thoughts on “Central Intelligence (2016)

  1. Nice review. Yeah, the movie was pretty funny. It wasn’t groundbreaking and the plot was bit conventional, but Hart and Johnson were excellent in the movie.

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