Jenna Coleman: The Sweet, The Extraordinary

Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)

Jenna Coleman, or should I say the impossible girl. Like many other actors, did I really become aware of Jenna during her time on Doctor Who. She played the 11th and 12th Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, and she was brilliant. She was definitely one of my favorite companions because she wasn’t screaming too much or complaining about something being wrong etc. She was a sweet, energetic and clever companion and I loved her.


So Jenna Coleman has also been in movies like Captain America and Me Before You, but her characters haven’t been that big or had much screen time. I do however feel like she has delivered and done a great job. I think Jenna is an actress that we will see more of in the future, and will have a lot more “bigger” roles.

The reason why I feel so strongly for Jenna Coleman might be that we both have brown hair and are short, she must be my long-lost twin. Haha I wish, but she is basically brilliant and charing some personalities are just a bonus.

Some movies and series Jenna’s been in:

  • Doctor Who
  • Me Before You
  • Captain America: The First Avenger

I hope you liked me praising Jenna Coleman! If you missed my first praising of the one and only David Tennant you can check it out here. May the force be with you, the odds ever in your favor and prosper!





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