The Internship

originalMay 2013   Ι   1h 59min   Ι   Shawn Levy

Billy and Nick just lost their jobs and everything seems to go down. While Billy was looking for jobs he found an internship on Google and signed them up. Without the knowledge, it became hard for the two oldest guys to fit in but sometimes a creative mind is all it takes. It’s a great experience for Billy and Nick, and they even seems to find new friends.  

Since I reviewed Wedding Crashers with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson I felt like I had to continue with another movie starring these two brilliant actors. The Internship is such a fun movie with a lot of comedy and a really cool environment. Just seeing the bright and fun Google environment is such a highlight of this movie. The whole story is also very entertaining and interesting. Starting with a clear story of how they ended up as interns on Google, to a bunch of fun tests they have to go through and then a brilliant ending. The comedy in this movie is not too forced either, which I really like.


So this is a fun comedy movie but it’s not really suited for children. You might think it is, based on the storyline but the movie has some scenes (one in particular) that’s just not for kids. The scene is also pretty long so there’s not really an “I’m just going to tell my child to look away for a minute” scenario. Imagine being an intern at Google though, I don’t think I could handle the pressure. Other than that I just have to say that’s it’s a great cast, quite predictable movie but a hell of a fun one.

My rating: 7/10 💻


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