Taron Egerton: The Cute, The Sensational


I really feel like Taron Egerton is an actor whom will be more and more noticeable and just grow. I could definitely see Taron in a superhero movie in the future and I think he would be an amazing superhero. I haven’t seen this Welsh actor in many movies but with his new movie Eddie the Eagle and the upcoming movie Sing you could definitely say that he’s not unproductive. Did you hear his voice in the Sing trailer (he plays Johnny the gorilla)? It’s absolutely amazing!

The first time I noticed Taron was in Kingsman: The Secret Service, a great movie and he is absolutely brilliant in it as well. I’m super excited for the sequel and to see more of Taron as that character. I do also feel like I have to mention that this guy is gorgeous!! He can also deliver great characters.

Some movies Taron’s been in:

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Eddie the Eagle 
  • Legend
  • Sing (Coming Soon)



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