The Crown – Season 1 Review

thecrownnetflixSeason 1   Ι   November 2016   Ι   Peter Morgan   Ι   5,5/10 👑

I was so excited for this series because according to IMDb Matt Smith was supposed to be in two episodes, turns out he was in the whole series (and now they changed it to 10 episodes). That was of course a very pleasant surprise since Matt is my all time favorite actor and I love him so much. So I hadn’t really looked into the story of the series. I just saw the title and thought it would be more like Downton Abbey or something. Not based on a true story. It was a little disappointing because the story was off to such a slow start and it didn’t really make me want to sit and watch the whole season in one day. I just kept going because of Matt (❤️), otherwise I would probably have given up. The story did become a little more interesting after some episodes but I was still struggling with maintaining the focus on the screen. However the last episodes were actually very interesting.


I know plenty of people have a deep respect and loyalty to Elizabeth Windsor and her family but I’m not the biggest fan of monarchies (we have one in Sweden, a useless one). I just don’t see why one woman or man should (indirectly) be the most important person in the country and should be shown with great respect when that person wasn’t even chosen by the people. If I ever got an invitation to any royal family (even Elizabeth) I would turn it down because I don’t see the purpose of behaving a certain way and treating a person like he/she is above everyone else when that person don’t really do much for the country nor was chosen by the people. Just my opinion, and now I’m off on a sidetrack, come back Renate. This might also be a reason why I wasn’t really that into this series (and I’m back).


I must say that it was a little confusing for me to understand really who was who and how they were related to each other in the beginning. I’m not really that familiar with the British royal family and it would have been nice with an explanation. I also might be blinded by my love of Matt Smith but he was great. One thing that felt a little dull though was his character. Philip is such a boring character, especially if you compare Philip with the 11th Doctor. I just felt like Matt got to shine more as the Doctor (and he was brilliant). Claire Foy was amazing as Elizabeth, and Matt and Claire was a great couple. I wasn’t the biggest fan of either Philip or Elizabeth in this series though which is a shame since they are two of the main characters, and that really does affect ones attitude towards the series. If you don’t like the main characters it becomes quite hard to actually like the series.

So will I continue with the series? I only watched season 1 because of Matt Smith but I don’t think I could manage another season. Or maybe I could, it did actually have a very interesting and captivating ending. I think time will tell. I am however not much for history

Thank you so much for reading this, you are a star! I hope I will see you next time but until then, may the force be with you, the odds be ever in your favor and prosper! 🖖




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