Nolan Gould – The Young, The Superb

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Born: October 28th 1998

When I praise actors I usually pick the people who has been in quite a few movies or TV-shows so I can get a wider perspective of how well they can manage different characters but I just felt like I had to include Nolan Gould. Who could refuse that sweet face?

So Nolan has not just been in Modern Family but I don’t really think he has had any bigger roles in the other movies (not quite sure). Many people would probably call him Luke because he is so familiar from the amazing TV-show Modern Family (such a good show). I wonder if more people call him Luke than his real name. I just think he creates this weird character and makes him so unique. He did also start at a very young age. Could you imagine to follow a script and becoming a different person when you are around 10 years old. I mean, he was pretty great from the beginning. It’s also funny how intelligent Nolan actually is in reality, nothing like his character.

I think Nolan could be an even bigger actor after Modern Family. Well he could also be one that goes up in smoke, but of course we don’t hope that. I would definitely see him in all the comedy movies when he gets older. You know, movies like: That Awkward Moment, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, American Pie etc. I’m really excited to see how his future will be and I hope we get to see a lot more of him, because he is really talented.

Most known for:

  • Modern Family
  • Friends with Benefits 



4 thoughts on “Nolan Gould – The Young, The Superb

  1. I like Nolan Gould. I think he is a funny little kid. That being said, I see Ariel Winter being the most successful of all the Modern Family kids. She’s becoming a beautiful young woman and she’s got quite a bit of depth to her. Unfortunately, I think Hayley won’t get that much work given her choices so far.

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  2. I don’t know about her, I have really grown away from the character Alex and I think she is the most boring one of them all but maybe the actress will shine, can always hope!

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