The Shannara Chronicles – Season 1 Review

cqo-x86ueaaoqqs-jpg-largeJanuary 2016   Ι   Season 1   Ι   Alfred Gough, Miles Millar

I actually forgot about this series but I remember that my friend told me it was really good, so I had to watch it. I didn’t like it… Haha, well it wasn’t really for me which actually surprises me because it’s kind of in the same group/genre as The 100, and I love The 100The Shannara Chronicles is based on a book and I do hope the book is better because this was not much to cheer for. The first episode was great, it was fun and made me excited for the rest of the season, but that was pretty much it. The story was very weak and I had a hard time following everything that was happening. The build up to the main goal was not that exciting, just a bit confusing. I think the whole story came on a sidetrack. There were too many characters as well and the main characters wasn’t really that likable. There were also a love triangle going on, and I’m not much for those. This love triangle was very weird as well because the guy (Austin Butler) basically kissed the girls in front of each other and no one really got mad.

I did like the world this series was set in with the elves, humans, trolls etc. The environment was pretty cool as well. I just think the story could have been a lot better, because it was such a promising beginning which then turned into a mess.

Another thing that I don’t like about this TV-show is that they are putting up quite strong ideals of how to look. The girls are skinny, almost at a point of being anorexic and the men are very muscular with a mandatory 6 pack. The series doesn’t point out that the people should be starving or have a little amount of food, and that wouldn’t even explain the men. I just think it’s such a shame when series does this because there are so many (especially young people) who watch and becomes affected by this, thinking that they have to look just like them. I really wish TV-shows would stop doing this because it has such a bad impact and it’s very unhealthy (especially for the psyche and self-confidence).

My rating: 4/10 ⚔


2 thoughts on “The Shannara Chronicles – Season 1 Review

  1. I read the book that takes place for the TV series starts (The Sword of Shannara), so I knew a little bit of the world’s background setting. I watched four of the episode, but never finished it (I might binge watch sometime soon). I also agree with you that most of the cast are extremely “pretty” looking (like the TV shows Vampires Diaries or Reign), which can be a bit annoying and unrealistic, even for a post-apocalyptic fantasy show.

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