Eddie the Eagle (2016)

eddie-the-eagle-movie-poster-2January 2016   Ι   1h 46min   Ι   Dexter Fletcher

Eddie Edwards goal is to represent Great Britain in the Winter Olympics 1988 but being able to jump as long as demanded is harder than it looks. Eddie never gives up and after plenty of trial and error, Eddie succeed to reach the mandatory meters. Although, there’s still people who doubt Eddie will succeed, but Eddie keeps reaching for his goal no matter what people say. 

This movie really made me smile so many times. Eddie is a delightful young man who really spreads happiness and he is such an amazing person. The fact that he would never give up on his dream is so inspiring and he still kept going no matter how many people told him not to. The movies message that you should always follow your dream, no matter what people say, is brilliant and I just loved that. This movie really inspired me and I think it inspired many other people as well. Taron Egerton was absolutely amazing as Eddie and he really created this weird, delightful and unique person. Hugh Jackman was also fantastic, but Hugh is always fantastic so I’m not really surprised.

So there’s two reasons why I really wanted to see this movie, the first one was of course Taron and Hugh because they are two of my favorite actors and I just think they are so talented and brilliant. The other reason is that I love the Winter Olympics (and watching skiing in general). My all-time favorite athlete is a skier named Marcus Hellner, and it might be because I’m from Sweden but the Winter Olympics have a special place in my heart (I really hope I can watch it live one day). So I’m not really surprised that I loved the movie due to that.

I did also feel like the movie was eventful with a background story that led to a main event. The movie was coherent, had its funny parts and was generally enjoyable. The environment was lovely and the graphics were pretty cool. If you don’t like watching skiing and winter sports as much as I do, you might not fancy this movie as much, or maybe you do. You just have to watch and see!

My rating: 8/10 🎿



10 thoughts on “Eddie the Eagle (2016)

  1. Good review. That’s the exact same score I gave this movie. Eddie the Eagle isn’t anything new or original, but its definitely a “feel good” movie that made me cheer on Eddie Edwards.

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