24 Days of Christmas – #1 Geeky Christmas Jumpers


Woho, December 1st is here! It means that I will start my 24 days of christmas blogging, and we can count down to christmas together. If you didn’t know it already, christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of the year and I live, breathe and eat christmas. In Sweden (and plenty of other countries) we celebrate christmas December 24th so that’s what I will be doing on this blog as well (and that’s why i’m blogging for 24 days). I’m doing this more to the movie theme so it will match my blog and it will therefore be more movie-christmas related posts. I do however have some other goodies as well. I hope you will enjoy it and let’s celebrate christmas together! 

So, what’s behind door number one? To start of this season I’m going to suggest the most beautiful jumpers/sweatshirts in the world, geeky christmas jumpers. Not everyone likes the traditional christmas jumpers with reindeers and Santa Clauses so I have therefore found some fantastic christmas jumpers that every geeky fan want’s. This could also be a very good present for someone who loves movies and TV-Shows, or just a present for yourself. Why not put some sprinkle of christmas over your favorite movie or TV-show?


I tried to find international sites just so it won’t matter where you’re from and I therefore choose Amazon among others. It’s not easy to fins sites that ship to every country for a small amount, trust me I know. Click on the jumper to see where you can find it! 


2 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – #1 Geeky Christmas Jumpers

  1. Great selection of geeky choices on here! That Stranger Things one is just brilliant! Last year I got a Golden Girls one, but unfortunately no-one really got what it was.

    This year I have opted for a musical theatre geeky hoodie. With a quote from Defying Gravity with Santa and Elphaba on it!

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