24 Days of Christmas – #4 Four Christmases Review


four-christmases-2008November 2008   Ι   1h 28min   Ι   Seth Gordon

Brad and Kate goes on vacation each christmas to avoid their 4 families. After a bad storm every flight get canceled and they have to spend christmas with their crazy families. It is a rollercoaster that will truly put a test to their relationship.  

tumblr_mf34zrde7g1qdk4doo6_r2_250My first review this December, and it is of the lovely Four Christmases. I have watched this movie for so many Christmases now and I never get bored with it. What makes this movie so good is that it has a very changing environment which makes the movie more interesting and not at all tedious. The movie has a lot of comedy in it as well and Vince Vaughn really makes it funny.

tumblr_llfyn8know1qf0eblo1_500There are some awkward parts where one character is embarrassing the other and vice versa, and I do have a little problem with that. I become embarrassed for the character and it’s just painful to watch. It is quite a predictable movie as well but I don’t really mind that. The movie is interesting, eventful and I really like the ending. It’s a fun christmas movie and it really gets you into the christmas spirit!

My rating: 8/10 🎄

imdb-iconxxmas youtube-iconxmasnamecandycane

5 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – #4 Four Christmases Review

  1. lol I really like Vince Vaughn’s Joseph in this movie. That cracked me up. And what was with Reese Witherspoon’s mother and sisters? They were ODD!!!! Saying that, Vince Vaughn’s Mum and boyfriend made me want to throw up. 🤢

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