24 Days of Christmas – #10 Perfect Gift & Stocking Fillers


We don’t actually have Christmas stockings in Sweden but I believe a lot of people do have it. So, today I wanted to give you some tips on stocking and/or gift fillers. I’ve had the issue many times where I’ve bought something and really needed to buy a little additional gift because it would be too little otherwise, but it so hard to figure out what to buy and also find something that’s not too expensive. So here’s my 4 tips if you need a stocking or gift filler!

1. Blind Bags/Boxes are perfect because there’s literally one for every major movie or series and they are cheap and fun.

2. Mobile cases does always come in handy and you can actually find really cheap and cool ones here (I mean, they are really cheap).

3. I think mugs are the perfect gift because who doesn’t love a cheeky little mug? It’s perfect for coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc. and mugs are often very cheap. If you have bought a small item that was quite expensive, a mug will be the perfect “fill up” gift, since they tend to  be a little bit bigger.

4. Cookie cutters are just adorable, fun and an easy gift. You can actually find them super cheap here (all the ones are from that website).




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