24 Days of Christmas – #11 Arthur Christmas Review

christmas24popdec11screenshot-arthur-christmas-father-christmas-gamesNovember 2011   Ι   1h 37min   Ι   Sarah Smith & Barry Cook

Arthur is the second child to Santa Claus, not the brightest nor the strongest but the one with the biggest heart. After a miss with the super technological system a present was forgotten and one child will have to go without a present. Arthur won’t accept the fact that one girl won’t feel loved and decide to bring the gift himself, the old-fashioned way.  

This movie though!! If someone asks your advice on an awesome christmas movie you should throw this one in his or hers face (or maybe don’t throw it because that might damage the movie… and the person). This is just such a good animated movie, and I would say that both children and adults would like this.

tumblr_mfj3o6li2c1r1u9c2o1_500Let me tell you why I love the movie: It has a unique story, the main character is super likable and funny (in a clumsy way), it is extremely Christmassy and the animation is really good. Now, I don’t know about the English voices but the Swedish voices are great and fits the characters really well. I did actually start to watch it in English once but it sounded so wrong so I switched back to Swedish.

tumblr_me2l3bc16a1qi7kbeo3_500The story had a few slow parts where nothing exciting happened but it didn’t really affect the movie. You could definitely see a clear thread in the story from the beginning to end, it was very coherent. Although, the thing I probably liked the most with the movie was Arthur and his personality, he really saw the good in everybody and just wanted to give every single child a magical christmas.

My rating: 9/10 🎁

imdb-iconxxmas youtube-iconxmasnamecandycane


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