24 Days of Christmas – #12 DIY Christmas Trees


A fun and cheap way to make your room or house all christmassy it by doing some paper trees. It’s such a relaxing thing to do when you’re watching a series or a movie. I really like to put them on my movie shelf just to make it look more like christmas. I hope you will like this christmas DIY!

1. First you want to pick any paper you like to use and any scissor of your choice. Be aware that the paper must be a square so if you have a rectangular paper you can just fold it like the picture shows and then cut of the rectangular part. One tip is to not use a thick paper because that can make it harder to fold later on.


2. The you want to fold it diagonally (with the pattern on the inside). Do the same with the other corner! A tip is to use the end of the scissor to flatten the side you just folded.


3. Continue with folding it “side-to-side” on both sides, like it’s shown below. This time the pattern is facing out.


4. Facing the pattern down, you should be left with these lines. Now it’s time to assemble each corner towards each other.


5. By doing so you should be left with a diamond shape with the four corners facing down.


6. You now have four “sides”. Start by facing one side up…


7. Then you want to press it down completely.


8. Fold one corner to the other and then take another side and fold it the same way you did on step 7.


9. Now you want to turn it around and do the same thing.


10. You should be left with this shape down below, having four layers. Cut off the extra part and you will end up with a triangular shape.


11. Start by cutting lines on one side (through every layers). You can have them as thick or thin as you want. Thicker layer makes it a little easier to fold them later on but with thinner layers the tree looks less “naked”/full. Be careful not to cut all the way in, we want to leave a little line in the middle. Don’t cut all the way up either. Then you just flip it over and do the same thing to the other side. Try to make it as much in line as possible.


12. Take one layer and fold the pieces down. Fold the layer over and do the same to the layer underneath.


13. You want to fold two layers then switch side and fold the other two layers. After that you turn it around and do the same thing.


14. Separate the parts and make them as spread out as possible. Then ladies and gentlemen, you have a christmas tree. Now you don’t have to go an buy a real one! Something that’s really fun and cool to do is decorating them. You could just use a pen to make some ornaments or other fun stuff. If you want to watch a video on how to do this you can click here, they will also show a simpler tree you can make in the beginning of the video. Hope you liked this special little post and I’ll see you tomorrow with a new post!




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