24 Days of Christmas – #14 Swedish Christmas Treats


Yes! This is my first (out of two) post about the Swedish Christmas and I decided to focus on all the goodies you usually eat in Sweden during this fantastic holiday. Well, not really the food but the sweet, sugary stuff. Or should I say the important stuff?! I guess some things are more similar to other countries Christmas treats than other, but I represent to you the most common things in Sweden (and the things I love the most). 


kristyr1920x540picture source

So I’m guessing most of you kind of have something similar to this or have an idea of what this is, but it’s basically gingerbread cookies (but not like the ones in America). We call them pepparkakor and they are delicious. The stores actually sells these all year around but I, and most of the people, only eat them around christmas. You could either make them yourself or buy them but people usually decorate them with frosting. Me too!!

treatstext2lussebullar_0Picture source 

So there isn’t really an English name for these but we call them either Lussebullar or Lussekatter.  The main ingredient is saffron and the texture is like a bun. These are one of my favorite Christmas treats, they are amazing! If you ever visit Sweden during Christmas you have to try one of these. These you usually bake yourself but stores and cafes sells them as well.

treatstext3julgodis-940x283-b56537picture source

These are not as common as the previous two are, non of my friends make these and I would probably say that the majority doesn’t make them either (but everybody knows what they are, they are not uncommon). I however make knäck and kola every single year, my whole family does this and it would not be Christmas without them. They are like candy and they taste extremely good. This is definitely my favorite Christmas treat, if you taste one you would agree. They are a bit difficult to make, or not really to make but to get the right consistency of. They could either be really tough or way too soft but if you get them perfectly, they are magical.

treatstext4cloetta-juleskum-i-pase-5-x-100g226873_1_normal_extrapicture source

Moving on a little bit more to the candy part, we do have candy canes and all but one candy that I believe you can only find in Sweden is Juleskum. This comes out every Christmas and is a Swedish Christmas candy. They actually comes out with a new Christmas flavor every year, this year it was porridge and cinnamon, not a good taste in candy. The original is however always the best! Could not go one Christmas without them.

treatstext5julmust-3-636x358picture source

This last Christmas treat is actually a drink and it’s called Julmust. This is a soda that is sold every Christmas, so you can’t really buy it during any other season. Well, you probably could find it somewhere but it’s not really normal. I love that Sweden has a soda that is connected to Christmas because you really do look forward to drinking it. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite soda but it sure wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

So this is some of the things we eat and drink in Sweden during Christmas. I hope you liked this special post and I will hopefully see you tomorrow with my next Christmas post. May the force be with you, may the odds be ever in your favor, live long and prosper! 


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