24 Days of Christmas – #16 The Holiday Review

christmas24popdec16maxresdefault1November 2006   Ι   2h 18min   Ι   Nancy Meyers

Amanda lives in Los Angeles and Iris in England but they both share the same problems. After bad boyfriends, stressful jobs and loneliness they decided to switch houses for the holiday. Something they will never regret.   

Yes this is yet another Christmas movie I love. What I really like about this one is that the movie gives a wider perspective of how a christmas/holiday could look like, since we get to see one in England and one in America. The story itself is rather unique and so so fun. Both Kate Winslet ad Cameron Diaz are amazing actresses and they managed to capture two perfect and likable characters.

I do feel obligated to comment how much Christmas feeling I get from these Christmas movies, and I don’t really think this one gives that much of a Christmas feeling. I would however still count it as a Christmas movie. This movie is also pretty predictable but I still loved the ending and I feel like the whole story really was coherent. Another thing I just really like with this movie is the whole change of scenery and the fact that we get to follow two different stories that aren’t really connected but at the same time are. Really makes the movie more interesting and entertaining. This is just a perfect, fun and romantic Christmas movie.

My rating: 8/10 🎅

 imdb-iconxxmas youtube-iconxmasnamecandycane


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