24 Days of Christmas – #17 Favorite Christmas Albums


I love listening to christmas music during December and I have my trusty christmas list on Spotify which I play every year and it always gets me in the christmas mood. I know some people just like to listen to traditional christmas music but my favorite is a mixture between the traditional songs and the newer celebrity christmas songs/albums. So today is wanted to share my 4 favorite christmas albums with you. I have some more favorite christmas songs as well but they are not really in an album so they did not really fit this post. If you want to listen to any album you can click the pictures down below and they will take you to the album on Spotify! 


I must confess that I have a little problem with listening to his other songs because all I can think about when I hear his voice is christmas. This album is fantastic! It really makes you want to drink a hot chocolate and sit by the fire. His voice is so good and so so cozy. My favorite songs are White Christmas and Holly Jolly Christmas!


This is a mix of celebrities individual christmas songs and it has a fantastic mixture between plenty of different songs. It’s a great album if you want just a full christmas mixture and want to hear a lot of different voices. My favorite songs must be Shake Up Christmas by Train & Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens. Great album!


This might not be the most popular guy on the planet and I’m not a belieber but he sure knows how to make a christmas album. I love this album, he has such a good voice and the songs are just so festive and cozy. My favorite song must be Mistletoe, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town & All I Want For Christmas Is You (I must say that it was very hard to choose).


They only have 4 songs now (I believe they had two more before) but I just think this is a great band and their songs are amazing. I really think the songs are different and brilliant. My favorite is Hoping For Snow and it’s my all time favorite christmas song, it’s amazing!

Other christmas songs I really like are: Do They Know It’s Christmas? (2014) by Band Aid 30, Baby, It’s Cold Outside (from Elf) & Believe by Josh Groban.



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