24 Days of Christmas – #19 Home Alone 2 Review

christmas24popdec19maxresdefaultNovember 1992   Ι   2h   Ι   Chris Columbus

It’s vacation time and this time Kevin gets on the wrong flight and is heading to New York for christmas. In New York, Kevin bumps into two familiar faces and is once again at full speed with setting up traps. It’s now his mission to stop the two thief’s from robbing a toy store. 

tumblr_mx2vik1pm41r066hlo2_250Now you may ask why I do a Home Alone 2: Lost in New York review instead of the first Home Alone. Well I just like the prequel more (and that is a sentence you don’t hear often). It might be that I like the environment more because the two movies have basically the same plot. New York during christmas just looks so magical! I do also think the whole story is a little more eventful. It’s a great family movie and it will make you laugh.

tumblr_mx2vik1pm41r066hlo6_250Every time I watch this movie all I can think about is: How is it possible to even forget you child, twice? I wouldn’t want to be that parent. So the story might be a bit unrealistic and there are some “forced” humor that looks rather ridiculous than funny. You know when you can see how fake it is, that’s when it isn’t funny anymore. I do however like the whole idea of one kid setting up traps, it’s a nice story. The movie gives a christmas feeling, it makes you want to go to New York and it has funny parts. I would definitely say that it’s worth watching!

My rating: 6,8/10 ⛄

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4 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – #19 Home Alone 2 Review

  1. The only thing that gets me about Home Alone 2, besides the Donald Trump cameo, is the fact that Kevin goes beyond protecting his house in the prequel to near attempted murder in the sequel lol. I mean, some of those traps are vicious. And how can you overlook a brick to the head? I mean, he could have just called the cops to check the toy store. Or he could have called the cops before and led them to his house to get caught. But instead, he has no plan to call the cops. Just batter the wet bandits.

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