24 Days of Christmas – #20 Christmas at Disneyland Paris


If you want to feel some real christmas magic then Disneyland Paris is the place to visit. I went there for my birthday (December 3rd) and it was so christmassy and magical. They had a really fun christmas parade with all the classic characters we are so familiar with, and it was so good. They also had their normal one, and that one was amazing as well. The christmas decorations were also very lovely and they had a huge tree filled with Disney ornaments. The only downside was that Walt Disney Studios Park didn’t have any christmas decorations. Would have been fun if that park had it too. The shops had some lovely christmas decorations as well, but very very expensive.

For me Disney is christmas! In Sweden we watch Disney on television every single year at christmas and it really reminds me of Christmas Eve. I think that’s one reason why it all felt so christmassy as well. It was a lovely experience and I really enjoyed it.

I took so many pictures and I really wanted to show them all but unfortunately (and maybe luckily) I couldn’t. I did my best to narrow it down and put some in collages, you can click on a picture if you want to see it more clear. I really hope I can go back another christmas because it was so magical. This is something I would definitely recommend. I hope you liked this little special post and I’ll be back tomorrow with a new christmas post. Have a beautiful day! Here’s some pictures I took:






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