24 Days of Christmas – #21 A Swedish Christmas



Every year from December 1st to December 24th a special “mini series” arrives on the Swedish television. It’s a christmas series with a specific christmas story (different every year) and it’s meant to be some kind of countdown for children (and adults I guess). It’s more for children but I just have to watch it every year because it feels like a tradition. I’m going to be honest, it’s not usually good. Last year had a really bad story and for the first time ever, did I not watch it. Each episode is not that long either, I think it’s around 10-15 minutes (not 100% sure). I always used to bring my chocolate advent calendar and open the door with the episode, very cozy indeed.


On December 13th we celebrate Lucia. This means that people dress up in white and sing songs. Haha best explanation ever! It’s hard to explain but there’s often a school class that practice some christmas songs and then you dress up (but there can only be one Lucia with candles in her hair). We usually eat Saffron Buns this day. Here’s a good video if you want to see what it is but it’s more of a professional one, otherwise you would probably also see Santa’s and gingerbread men in the choir.


Like all other countries do we like to eat a lot during christmas. We have the same “special” meal three times a year. You usually make so much that you really get tired of it after the 4th day. So we eat a Christmas ham that is supposed to be in the oven for ages, meatballs that we actually eat all year around, potato which we also eat all year around, some nasty pickled herring which comes in different flavors, brussels sprouts (which I actually like), eggs, Jansson’s Temptation which Wiki described as “warm scalloped potato casserole with anchovies” (I just couldn’t describe it myself) which is also nasty. I actually don’t eat much of the Swedish christmas food, the only good thing is the meatballs and eggs, haha.

I also made a post about the Swedish christmas treats, click here if you want to read it!


So we celebrate christmas on December 24th and there’s not really any specific time when you should open your christmas gifts, each family has their own way of doing it. My family always opens the gifts a different time every year (sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon). We do put out porridge for Santa Claus the night before I think, not really sure because my family has never done it but I know it’s common. Not many people go to church either, Sweden is not really a religious country and where I live I think the least people are religious. One thing that basically every Swedish family does during christmas is watching From All of Us to All of You (Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul) and this program is actually from America but it sends every christmas 15:00 and you basically need to watch it, even though it’s the same thing every single year. It’s a tradition!

That is it my friends. I hope you liked this post about how we celebrate Christmas in Sweden, not many days left now!! I hope you have managed to buy all your gifts and have a holly jolly christmas! 



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