24 Days of Christmas – #23 A Princess For Christmas Review

christmas24popdec23Final Photo AssetsNovember 2011   Ι   1h 31min   Ι   Michael Damian

Jules becomes the legal guardian of her niece and nephew, and one day the children’s grandfather invites them to his palace in Europe for the holiday. After a lot of ifs and buts, Jules decides to go there with the kids. Their grandfather does however have a poor attitude towards Christmas, something that Jules is going to change.  

I’m actually quite a big fan of all the Cinderella stories and the other princess stories that are out there in the world. So watching a princess movie with a Christmas theme is like a dream for me. No surprise here, but I loved the movie. This was also the first time I saw Sam Heughan and I absolutely feel in love with him. Oh boy is he talented and just absolutely gorgeous. I was a little star-struck.

So the movie itself is actually not really like all the other princess movies, the girl is not really an outsider, nor a teenager and her situation is a little different. The ground story does however match a typical princess movie and the plot as you may have guessed is predictable. There were some parts that I found quite boring and just the “oh haven’t we seen this a million times” feeling, but the fact that it is so much Christmas in this movie just makes it magical. I just feel like romance and Christmas put together in one movie is wonderful, and Sam Heughan is so dreamy in this movie that you won’t take your eyes of the screen.

My rating: 8/10 🎁

imdb-iconxxmas youtube-iconxmasnamecandycane


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