TV-Shows I Stopped Watching 2016


I’m not really a person who stops watching a show when I’ve started watching it because I really believe in the show, no matter how bad it is. I always think that it’s going to be better, and guess what, It doesn’t become better. I think it’s so tough to just stop watching something that I might have watched for years or put a lot of hours into. I think the first series I decided that I just couldn’t watch anymore because it became so bad was The Vampire Diaries. Ever since I took that decision it has been easier for me to stop watching something. 2016 was definitely the year I basically encouraged myself to stop spending time I don’t have on shows I don’t like. This is therefore the year where I have stopped watching more series than ever before (it is however still not a lot).

I feel like I almost had to stop watching some shows because I was just adding more and more series and in the end I couldn’t handle all the ones I was watching. It was too much. I breath for series, they are my everything and I just love tracking them all. If I could, I would spend every day watching series. Now this year I decided that if I just didn’t look forward to watching a show, then I would cut it. So this year I’ve lost 6. May they rest in peace. Here they are:


The Fosters, I mean… What happened to this series? It was so good and then season 3 became a wreck. It was an easy but though choice to stop watching this one because the story became so bad and nothing was enjoyable but I truly loved season 1 & 2.


Jane the Virgin, well this show just didn’t get anywhere. I felt like we were still on page one and I just had enough. I really liked season 1 and 2 but when season 3 arrived I wasn’t that into it, and I had to boycott something in order to be able to catch up with some other series I follow. Sorry Jane.


Reign, so I held onto this series way longer than I should. I feel like it was a bit of a mess when I left it. Season 1 was marvelous and that is probably a reason why I kept watching it but as time passed I had to come to my senses and stop watching it, because it was wicked in the end. I had to priorities shows and this one didn’t make the cut, maybe next time Reign, maybe next time.


Pretty Little Liars, this is also a show that I kept watching for too long. This one is however very special to me because it was the first show I started watching that I just didn’t follow on the TV once a week. It was my first “real” show. I also stayed because there were so many questions that I just wanted an answer to. I came to my senses and gave up, because this turned in to a big mess and I never got any answer to so many questions. It was not easy to do though.


Suits, a series that I in the end had to force myself to watch just so I had watched it basically. The story continued as it always had and nothing new or exciting happened. I had to stop because I wasn’t enjoying it anymore.


Outlander, which I’m actually not sure I stopped watching. I feel like I have stopped because I have had the chance to watch season 2 many times but I’ve never been feeling like watching it. It’s a great series, nothing has really become wrong or boring, I just haven’t felt like watching it. I might do it, or maybe I won’t. I will just have to see! I do however love on character in Outlander so I will probably continue just so I can see him.



10 thoughts on “TV-Shows I Stopped Watching 2016

  1. SUITS?! No way?! Why?! Haha. I know exactly how you feel with certain shows.
    This last series of Suits felt like I switched on halfway through it. It went though the same old stuff despite *SPOILERS* (Don’t know why I’m saying spoilers for? You gave up on it lol) Mike being in prison.

    Louis Litt was getting on my nerves! BUT there were some good twists I didn’t see coming. Actually looking forward to how the next series will unfold.

    I keep watching Walking Dead just because I’ve stuck with it for seven series. Hasn’t improved since series 4. Bringing in characters I couldn’t give two monkeys about.

    And Westworld. Kept watching for the hype. Never really grabbed me or got going. Thought I missed something. Nope, just not interesting 😁

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  2. I just didn’t care about the characters and the story, but I’m glad that you liked it. Haven’t watched WD, heard main characters died all the time, haha!

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  3. Fair enough. Suits has lost its way. The first two series were fantastic.

    WD – that was the only reason why I keep watching haha. BUT after SEVEN series, it gets a little old.

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  4. I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars also, but I think I stopped watching it almost three years ago. It just went on for too long and every time I thought who “A” was, it wasn’t that person. I know it’s based on a book series, but I felt like it dragged and should have ended a while ago.

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