Happy New Year!


I’m ready to leave 2016 behind and I’m really looking forward to 2017. I think it’s going to be a great year! I’m probably going to be in a constant battle concerning what to do with my life and I think 2017 will make my future a little clearer. At least I hope so… We do also have a lot of great movies to look forward to, for example: Wonder Woman, Spider-man, Thor, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Logan, Pirates of the Caribbean, Justice League etc. Many superhero movies which I absolutely love!


You might have seen this, or maybe you haven’t but I made a YouTube channel in November and I’m still testing it out so we will just have to see if I stick with it or not. I won’t however give up on this blog, it’s my baby and will forever be priority number one. I am however going to make a theme each month where I for 1 week upload stuff that are connected to the theme. I’m going to try and see how that turns out but I think it will be good. That is basically it!

I hope you all had an amazing year and that 2017 will be even better, because you deserve the best! May the force be with you, the odds be ever in your favor and prosper!


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