Becoming Jane (2007)

2-91March 2007   Ι   2h   Ι   Julian Jarrold

Jane wants to become a writer and be able to make money out of it but she has her mother pushing her to find a rich husband who can support her. A visit from Tom Lefroy changes Jane’s whole life and she now has to choose between love and duty. 

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I love romantic movies that are set in the past because everything looks so luxurious, the music is beautiful, their clothes are very fancy and the dances are gorgeous. Well the story is someway identical to basically all the other Pride and Prejudice movie that are out there. I do understand that this isn’t the same story as the Pride and Prejudice one (I think), because it was about Jane Austen and how she came to write the Pride and Prejudice book. It is however quite a worn out story (if that’s even possible) but something I found unique was how Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy presented their characters. They created two unique, passionate and likable characters whom I loved. They are also two of my favorite actors, pure talent and extraordinary actors. Love them! James was also looking so freaking gorgeous, I can not tell you how beautiful he is in this movie, like my heart aches from how much I loved him.

I mean this is such a beautiful movie but I try to avoid these kinds of movies, no matter how extraordinary they are, because I don’t like to cry. All the Pride and Prejudice movies are brilliant but I always cry, no matter how many times I watch them. It’s the same with The Notebook, Dear John and other movies in that category. It just becomes a big cry party, and I rather feel like not being invited.

Choosing between love and duty is extremely tough, and I don’t know if I would be able to do it. What do you choose?! I would say this is the main issue in this movie and the fact that you have to choose between those two is heartbreaking. This was definitely the most difficult thing for both Jane and Tom, and sometimes you have to put others before yourself. Really makes you think about all the possibilities you have these days.

My rating: 8/10 ❤️



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