Date with Love (2016)

date_with_love_2016_8407168May 2016   Ι 1h 28min   Ι   Ron Oliver

David has been rejected 15 times and decides to give the prom one last chance by making a promposal video for the super star Alex Allen. After a bad outburst on the red carpet, Alex has to accept to get some good publicity. She travels to a small town where David lives and this small town comes with great surprises. Alex find new friends, and maybe even herself along the way. 

For me, this is a movie I like to watch when there’s basically nothing else to watch and I just want some cheesy romance with a happy ending. It’s very predictable and we have seen something similar before, but I really liked the whole “promposal to a celebrity” story. It is kind of unique and really puts a special and good touch to the movie. I do also love a “happily ever after” ending, those are the best. I really liked the cast as well and I think Shenae Grimes-Beech and Andrew W. Walker were great. It’s pretty likable character.

One thing that I found a little sad with these High School movies are the way they present the students. In this movie there were no one with extra fat on their body, acne around their face, braces or anything else that might seem “not good” (but absolutely isn’t, we are all beautiful in our own way). The movie gives a false picture of the reality, and I just think that’s a shame. Overall, I would say that I enjoyed the movie. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s romantic.

My rating: 6,5/10 💃



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