Batman (1989)

batman-1989-batman-2686914-1024-576June 1989   Ι   2h 6min  Ι   Tim Burton

There is talk of a bat that attacks thieves during the night but no one dare to believe it, except from one reporter and one photographer. They decide to work together to prove that Batman exists. Meanwhile, a man falls into some toxic liquid and becomes the Joker, whom decides to terrorize the city. It’s up to Batman to stop the Joker from killing every person in Gotham. 

It was about time I watched the old Batman movies, but I have to say that I was a little disappointed. I absolutely love the Christian Bale (aka Batman) trilogy and I might have thought this Batman movie would be a little similar. Turns out it wasn’t. The first thing I really missed was a background story where we got to understand what happened to Bruce Wayne and how he became Batman. I think this is a story that really highlights the movie and makes everything more clear. In this movie we get thrown into a time where Bruce already is Batman and is fighting crimes. I just feel like this made it a little harder to connect with Bruce/Batman and it also made me a little confused. I do also think there were too much focus on the female character Vicki, it could almost have been her movie instead of Batman’s. I did however really like Vicki and the actress Kim Basinger who played her. Michael Keaton was also great as Batman, I really liked him. 


One thing that bothered me a tad was how the Joker got created. I just don’t see how an egocentric, grumpy, boring man can change his personality completely just by falling into some weird goo. It really don’t make much sense. I would have believed it more if he had an awful childhood or something like that. I did however really enjoy that the Joker was a main part of the movie because I really like him among the villains (and that’s rare for me to say since I do tend not to like any villain). Other than that, I would say that the movie was eventful, interesting and had a good amount of characters. They were all in the same story but still had their own chapters and that just made the movie entertaining and not tedious at all. Would this movie be better as a sequel? I do think so.

My rating: 6/10 



4 thoughts on “Batman (1989)

  1. This movie appeals to me more with time. I tend to think ‘Returns’ gets a little worse each time I see it, but this has a lot of flavor and camp that just blends into such an entertaining couple of hours for me.

    As a fan of the Nolan trilogy, I like that the original movies are so vastly different. This one is the best in my opinion because I don’t think it went too much in weird directions. Returns was too dark and Burton-y, Forever was confused sometimes as to whether it was for adults or for kids, and Robin just went full on camp and toy commercial.

    It probably matters a lot if you grew up with it. I saw Batman Begins first so I obviously have a deeper nostalgia for the Nolan films. But this is fun to look back on and I definitely appreciate it for the solid Batman movie that it is. It’s really what started the craze for the character to become as popular as he remains today. Batman is like the American James Bond.

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