Batman Returns (1992)

batman-returns-batman-returns-14752890-655-492June 1992   Ι   2h 6min  Ι   Tim Burton

Batman is back, and this time to stop a man who as lived in the sewers, among penguins, his whole life. A business man named Max Shreck is trying to gain power by making Penguin become mayor of Gotham, something Batman is trying to stop. Meanwhile, Selina Kyle goes through some changes that may or may not affect Batman. 

I’m not entirely sure this movie should be called Batman Returns, but rather Catwoman Arrives. Just like the first movie, Batman wasn’t in focus until maybe 1 hour had past. Am I asking too much? I just want to actually see the person that has his name in the title. So even if the beginning wasn’t about Batman, it was still interesting. I would say this movie had a rather good beginning that made me excited to see the rest of the movie. Seeing both Catwoman and Penguin was very fun and it was interesting to see how they developed throughout the movie, for better or for worse. Isn’t it a little hilarious that Batman, Catwoman and Penguin were all affected by animals. I guess the trick to become a human with powers is to have a traumatic or just any kind of experience with some animals.


I do have to mention that Penguin freaked me out so much. His appearance was very… unique. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his character, nor Catwoman but it was still cool to see them. I do like Penguin more in the TV-show Gotham and Catwoman more in The Dark Knight Rises. When it comes to the story, I think it was interesting for the most part and the ending was pretty epic. I did however wanted to see more of Batman and Bruce, I think the movie should have focused more on him.

My rating: 6,5/10 



4 thoughts on “Batman Returns (1992)

  1. That’s fun! Looking forward to reading it! Haha, I’m glad you liked it, might have to do with the fact that you watched it when you were young, or it was just your cup of tea.

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