DC Comics TV-Shows I’m Watching, Ranked From Top to Bottom


So I watch 6 DC Comics TV-shows at the moment. I was a little unsure if Lucifer was counted as DC Comics but I looked it up and it seems to be correct. I believe that I’ve only watched one more DC comics TV-show and that is Smallville, brilliant one. Some are very new, like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and some are a bit older, like Arrow for example. I think they are all so good and I would definitely recommend them all but here today I’m going to rank them from the one I like the most to the one I like the least. Just because one is at the bottom doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, it just means that it hasn’t impressed me as much. So here we go!

Number 1: The Flash


It might not come as a shock that The Flash is my number one because I’m obsessed with this show. I even got a Flash mug, that’s how much I like it. Grant Gustin is amazing as the Flash and I just think the cast and the story is brilliant. I also love his superpower, being a speedster looks very cool. What I also like about this show is that we always get to see new characters with powers (metahumans) and see how Flash either helps or defeats them. That’s probably one of the reasons why this is number one on my list.

Number 2: Gotham


So I had a really hard time ranking the rest of the shows. The Flash was an easy choice for me, since it’s my all time favorite TV-show, but choosing the second one… that’s tough. The reason why I was contemplating whether I should put Gotham on second place or not was because I wasn’t really into it in the beginning. I think this show had a tedious start and I wasn’t really looking forward to watching it that much. Now it’s totally different. I love this show, it really became so much better and so interesting. Jim Gordon is an amazing character and Ben McKenzie plays him so good. I think I like this one so much because there’s so many interesting characters now and the main characters are amazing, especially the villains. It is truly a great show! 

Number 3: Lucifer


I didn’t know much about this character when I started watching it and it’s very different from all the other DC Comics shows I’m watching. It is however really good. Lucifer is such a fun character (played by Tom Ellis, a very talented man), and I’m very pro detective shows. It’s fairly new so I just have to wait and see if it will stay great, but so far so good. It’s a great cast and the story is very good. The reason why it’s number three is because I don’t get as excited for a new episode as the previous two shows, but I still get excited.

Number 4: Arrow


Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a great TV-show. I just feel like it took quite a while for it to grow on me. There has been some characters along the way that I haven’t really fancied and that has made me less excited to watch it during those times. However, season 4 was amazing and season five has been really good so far. I like the whole concept that they still go back in time to show how Oliver became Green Arrow, it’s a fun story that really puts a unique touch to the show. Stephen Amell is great as the Green Arrow, and I really like this superhero. I do however have to say that I think Justin Hartley was better as the Green Arrow. It was due to him I feel in love with the character. 

Number 5: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow


Pretty new show, and that’s probably why it’s number 5. Season one was great but one problem I have with this show is that people I really like disappears (not literally, but they leave the show). If this continues, I’m going to have a real problem. I do however really like the main characters, the show is interesting and watching people with all those powers is amazing. I’m really looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Number 6: Supergirl


Okay so the reason why this one is last is because I didn’t think season one was that interesting or had a fun story. I like Supergirl but to me she is a rather plain and uninteresting character in this show. I have however really enjoyed season 2 so far and this is a TV-show that really grows on me. A rough start but I’m really starting to love Supergirl.



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