Upcoming DC Comics Movies 2017-2018


Dc Comics are really starting to produce a ton of movies and we have four great ones to look forward to the next two years. Two in 2017 and two in 2018. I can hands down say that I’m super excited for them all.

We start with Wonder Woman who is an amazing character. I’ve read one of her comic books and it was so good. We got to see a tiny bit of her in Batman VS Superman but that was definitely not enough. Really looking forward to that one.

Then we have Justice League and what I’m most looking forward to with this one is to see how Bruce puts together a team and how they work with each other. For me it’s also “the more superheroes the better”!

I guess The Flash is a little shaky with the whole “who’s going to direct” thing and I wonder if it’s actually going to have premier in March. We just have to wait and see. Flash is however one of my favorite superheroes and I am therefore really looking forward to this movie.

Last but not least we have Aquaman. This is a fairly unknown character for me so I am very excited to see how he is as a hero and how this movie is going to be. I do however have a good feeling about it. I do also love when I’m being introduced to a new superhero!

Wonder Woman – June 2017


Justice League – November 2017


The Flash – March 2018


Aquaman – July 2018




6 thoughts on “Upcoming DC Comics Movies 2017-2018

  1. I am really excited to see the justice league but I think wonder woman is going to perform better critically not that i care that much since i liked BvS despite the critics. Oh well, nice post ! 😉

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