Sherlock (S04E03 Review)


The whole season 4 has been up and down but the last episode was really good, I enjoyed it very much.  It was a very interesting episode where Sherlock, John and Mycroft jumped from one riddle to the other, and I do love a good riddle. The whole episode was very mysterious and intense which made the episode a real treat, if I may say so myself. I sat glued to the screen every single minute and could not take my eyes of it, because it was that good. It could become a little confusing from time to time, but it didn’t ruin the episode, or had a big impact on the story.

This episode was a little different from the previous episodes, a little less “Sherlock explains it all with some fantastic graphics” and a bit more thinking without a conclusion. We did however not spend the whole episode without Sherlocks cleverness which was very positive since that is what makes Sherlock so special and fun to watch. It might also be hard to say that the episodes have clear structure and coherent storylines, but with this episode I feel like the end made everything come together and become clear.

I really don’t know what more to say than that this episode was amazing and so interesting. I think it was a brilliant end to this rocky season. The downside with Sherlock is that, due to the few amount of episodes in one season, the show ends before I can even say Moriarty. Can’t wait for season 5!



4 thoughts on “Sherlock (S04E03 Review)

  1. Ugh it was so good! I really enjoyed this episode, even if I have to admit to myself that Moriarty isn’t properly coming back. All of Season 4 was pretty darn great really, nice review!

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