Hercules (1997)

hercules-wallpaper-4June 1997   Ι   1h 33min   Ι   Ron Clements & John Musker

In order for Hades to become the mightiest God of them all, he has to kill Hercules. To do so he must make Hercules fully mortal, but Hades minions makes a mistake and Hercules is left with super strength. However, Hercules doesn’t feel like he fit in with the humans and finds out the truth about where he’s from. Hercules now has to become a true hero if he wants to return home.  

This is one of my favorite Disney movies. It’s just so good! I love the character Hercules, he is such a nice young man and very likable. I do also love that the movie is set in ancient Greece, it puts such a unique touch to the movie. I think the story really starts of great as well, it’s an interesting story and the amount of background story is perfect. It might have been a little longer than we are used to but I really thought that was necessary to see how Hercules grew up and how his journey started. As the movie went on we got to follow how Hercules became a hero and all the extraordinary things he did with his friends. Btw, Pegasus is the cutest thing ever!! The villain Hades is also great. I usually don’t like villains but I do like him. He is funny, very unique and actually a bit of a drama queen. The movie itself is very funny as well which I love.


The music in this movie is spot-on. Very different but so good. I also liked how the music sometimes explained how the story went on, rather than someone telling it. There could have been more scenes with the Gods because we didn’t get to see them that often. Other than that, I wouldn’t say there’s something more I would want to change, the movie is just perfect. The message is also very beautiful. The fact that the heart is more powerful than the strength is such a gorgeous message.

My rating: 9/10 d662182cbdeadc2ac4c8ca4ceb229ff3



14 thoughts on “Hercules (1997)

  1. Some people want their life narrated by Morgan Freeman or Patrick Stewart, I want my life narrated by the Muses! Hercules is one of my favorite Disney movies, particularly from the Renaissance era. James Woods was the perfect Hades.


  2. You watched it in Swedish? I watched it in Russian, and as I remember the voicing was also good. I may be wrong, but I remember there being a fair share of irony/sarcasm in the film. Still, one of my favourite animations.

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