Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – Season 1 Review


December 2016   Ι    Season 1   Ι   Max Landis   Ι Netflix Original

Well this is a fun show that popped up on Netflix one day. It’s a Netflix Original and I was very surprised but also intrigued when I saw it. I didn’t look it up before I watched it so I jumped in with a blind eye and I must say that I was positively surprised. It’s a fun, a bit wicked and unique detective show and I really liked it. So there’s only one season out and it has 8 episodes, which I think was just enough. They are going to solve a murder and I do love those kinds of shows, which are often very fascinating and exciting. This one was that as well, and I really liked how we got one step closer to the truth/solving the case in every single episode. It isn’t however a normal detective show that we might be familiar with. No, this one has some magical stuff in it and time travel and some other weird stuff, which makes it better and more unique.


The cast is also brilliant. I love the main character Dirk, he is funny, a little mysterious and really likable. I’m not too fond of the other main character Todd, but I think (or hope) I will like him more as the show continues. There were quite a lot of characters and different stories (which were kind of connected) and it might have been too much but it also worked very well.

The show was a bit confusing sometimes and very interesting other times. I do however really liked the story and it was a fun show. This is however not really a show I would prioritize. It’s more of a “I don’t really have anything to watch so I watch this one because it’s quite enjoyable”. I probably will continue watching it though because I loved the character Dirk so much.

My rating: 6,8/10 🎬



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